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The Optiseller Podcast: Market Research with Steve Dunn

By Darrah Gallacher   
May 30, 2022

This month Darrah had a chat with Steve Dunn, Head of Customer Success at Optiseller to discuss all things eBay. In celebration of the brand new Taster Plan launch, the pair focused on market research and how knowing your market and audience will set your store up for long term success. Of course, she couldn’t let Steve go without also discussing the all-important eBay Mandates. 

Steve has been with the company since July 2021, after 5 years working at Moz in their Customer Success team. Moz is a US based SEO platform which provides tools and education surrounding search engine optimisation. His experience at Moz was invaluable in building the knowledge that he has brought with him to Optiseller to help optimise eBay stores for success. 

Since joining Optiseller, he has supported the Customer Success team to ensure that our SaaS customers get the most out of our tools and achieve their goals. The team set them up for success through proactive onboarding and targeted outreach to sellers. They also get involved in a range of areas to help sellers understand the importance of store optimisation and how to make the most of their Optiseller toolkit.  

In this episode, Steve explains the importance of market research, knowing your competitors, and how his experience at Moz helped his understanding of the eBay mandates. 

Get a sneak preview here! 

Listen to the full episode here:

Market Research is key to success on the marketplace. Not only is it the first step in the selling cycle when starting out, it is something that can be reviewed and improved regularly to refresh listings. The Taster Plan consists of 3 of Optiseller’s most popular tools. Category Lookup Tool, Category Suggester and Product Suggester are all tools that are essential to the first stage in the eBay Selling Cycle. Market Research is often overlooked or put on hold, with these tools it will make the process quicker and easier- allowing you to see the benefits, without spending all your time and resource here. The best part being, it is completely free! Once you get a taste of the Optiseller tools, you’ll be hooked! Sign up to The Taster Plan for FREE here.

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