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Increase sales on eBay: See how you score with OptiRating, get AI powered titles, keywords and pricing suggestions to help drive more sales!


Active Listings

Easily manage your images, titles, item specifics & prices, & get smart suggestions for improved sales.


Listing Wizard

Create & pre-populate listings, knowing the data you provided was optimised from the start.


Stale Listings

Boost stale listings by delisting & relisting them with improved SEO, clear last date & quantity sold.



Improve your underperforming listings with our easy to understand OptiRating score out of 10.

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Install Optiseller Lite: Optimise Listings, Boost Sales and Relax.

Increase your listings sales quickly, correctly, and easily. With advice on how and why a listing needs updating and suggestions on what you should have in place.

From image count to AI-driven title generations, with Item Specific value suggestions and price recommendations based on your competitors. Optiseller Lite provides you with all the necessary tools to take your eBay sales to the next level.

  • Active Listings: Optimise your images, titles, item specifics & current price directly in eBay Seller Hub
  • Manage Stale Listings: Report, fix & relist your stale listings
  • Create/Edit Listing Wizard: Optimised titles, price ranges & suggested item specifics from the start
  • OptiRating: Automatic listing of health checks delivered by a score out of 10
  • Confidence Levels: Understand how each suggestion may affect your listing sales
  • International: Available in the UK, Australia, Germany & the USA eBay sites

Plus access to a suite of Optiseller tools for Free.

Download for Free

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Free eBay Seller Tools
The Optiseller Lite plugin is currently completely free to use.

The key to success on eBay is understanding what drives visibility (and ultimately sales) on the platform. We have a series of tools that help you understand, identify and action the key elements of this.

However, to get the most out of Optiseller, we recommend subscribing to one of our paid-for plans, which include more advanced tools, providing actionable insight for your entire store.

Check our paid-for plans


Aspect Finder+ Backup & Recover AI Title Suggester Store Performance Dashboard Parts Compatibility Finder

Our best tools and features within reach

Our best tools and features within reach

Customer Testimonials
"I am updating listings more than I ever have before because of Pro Trader Lite. I like the OptiRating, it helps me know what listings I need to work on. For someone starting out this tool is perfect."
Heather - BeeBeautiful UK

"Since I have been using Pro Trader Lite, I now have 100% coverage for attributes on all my listings. The price suggestion part is my favourite thing about the tool, it's like Terapeak but it's so much better to have it on screen in one section."
Dan Nicholas - Sellerbase
"The OptiRating is vital and helps us direct our work. We wouldn't know where we are without it. It's a driver to let us know what needs revising next."
Arron Huggett & Matthew Whelan - YourOfficeSuppliesNow

"We have learnt about how to list to eBay much better and why we need to revise listings. We have seen an uptake in sales, impressions, click-through rate, page views and conversions all since using Pro Trader Lite."
James Devlin - custom-giftsuk
"Have been using the tool for a while now, it's a good insight into how to list better on eBay. I find the OptiRating good, it helps me know what to work on next."
Mark - TheWatchSourceLTD

"The whole experience has been education and shown me how to list products properly, the massive increase in sales shows that the tool is working very well."
Rose Triantafyllou - grade-mobile

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Download the Chrome Extension and Start Using for FREE Now!

Drive sales and impressions by making your listings more SEO compliant directly from one Seller Hub screen. The power of Optiseller directly in eBay Seller Hub for,,, and

Install and sign up is quick, easy, and there is no need for a credit card. Download now to start using today.


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Step-by-Step Guide: For a full installation and overview guide of Optiseller Lite, visit our help article on how to fully use the extension.

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An Optiseller Lite Plan gives you unlimited access to the Chrome Extension immediately. You can also use the Listing Checker Extension, which will perform checks on any live eBay listing and shows an OptiRating listing score system. With a plan you can also trial a suite of more advanced tools which provide actionable insight for your entire store."

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