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Aspect Finder+

Optimise your on and off site eBay SEO

Boost your sales by improving item specifics.

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What is Aspect Finder+?

Aspect Finder+ scans your listings to identify any that are missing important item specifics. You might already have this information stored in other parts of your listing. Aspect Finder+ will retrieve it for you to save you time when updating your listings.

This tool identifies missing item specifics, processes any category and helps you meet eBay standards in categories where item specifics are mandated.

Identify missing item specifics

Process any category

Meet eBay standards

How can Aspect Finder+ help me?

eBay require key item specifics in a number of different categories. Without this information, you won't be able to publish new, manually relisted or revised listings. Buyers' increasing use of search filters means that adding the right Item Specifics can provide a major boost to sales – using the tool is an efficient way to help your business grow.

Aspect Finder+ saves sellers a huge amount of time on a task that many find time consuming as well as increases search visibility.

Try our ROI calculator to find out the return on investment you will achieve using our Aspect Finder+ tool to update your eBay Item Specifics.


When should I use Aspect Finder+?
Item Specifics are ever changing so it's important to use Aspect Finder+ on a regular basis to keep up to date.

Daily - Weekly
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