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What the new eBay UK Fulfilment by Orange Connex means for eBay sellers

By a contributor   
July 29, 2021

On Monday 26 July, eBay unveiled that they will now be offering fulfilment services to UK sellers for the first time. The move comes as a result of a huge increase in new UK sellers this year.  


What does the fulfilment service involve? 

eBay UK has introduced a brand-new end-to-end fulfilment service that will allow sellers to offer same day despatch for next day delivery. This is through eBay’s partnership with international logistics business Orange Connex.  

The dedicated fulfilment centres are based in Birmingham and Leicester, where goods can be stored, packed and delivered. eBay see this as part of their effort to help sellers adapt to a changing retail landscape, giving them more opportunity to focus on their business and what they do best. 


What does this mean for eBay sellers?  

This new fulfilment service has the potential to streamline eBay seller operations, so they can spend more time trading in your store. Paired with Optiseller’s tools, it's a winning combination to save time and sell more online.  

Also, with eBay taking care of the whole delivery process, there is no need for extra staff to pick and pack – saving sellers money that can be spent on optimising your listings.  

As a seller, by using the service you can now:  

  • Offer your buyers new day delivery options with same day dispatch  
  • Fully track the delivery, so you know your customers will get their order  
  • Be fully protected against delivery-related negative feedback  
  • Have access to fulfilment for all sales channels beyond eBay  
  • Make use of the dedicated fulfilment seller portal and support team  

eBay has also announced that they plan to roll out the fulfilment internationally, so if you are already participating in the Global Shipping Programme, then you will automatically be able to integrate with the fulfilment service once it’s been launched internationally.  


How might the change impact buyers? 

Using eBay’s new fulfilment service, not only benefits sellers. Buyers can benefit from: 

  • Fast delivery  
  • Reliability, as their parcels will be 100% tracked  
  • Free shipping  
  • Quality packing  
  • Improved customer support  

This partnership is designed to save you time, effort and money as well as promoting you as reliable sellers to your buyers.  

Our Store Performance Dashboard includes data on the Global Shipping Programme, giving you an overview of the shipping options, you currently offer – allowing you to quickly identify if you need to offer more flexible shipping options.  

If you would like to find out how the Store Performance Dashboard can save you even more time sign up for one of our free 7-day trials today.  

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