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Navigating through eBay mandates: February 2023 resources

By Laura Cassidy   
January 09, 2023

Happy New Year from all of us at Optiseller! We hope that you had a wonderful festive holiday and start to 2023.

Let’s kickstart this new year with getting ready for eBay’s latest mandate. New item specifics will be required by 22nd February 2023.

Here’s a quick recap of what categories have changes:

  • Collectables (Figurines)
  • Parts & Accessories (Motorcycle, Scooter and UTV/ATV P&A)
  • Health & Beauty (Beauty & Skincare, Food & Drinks, Oils & Supplements)
  • Home, Furniture & DIY (Candles & Home Fragrance, Home Décor, Cushions, Curtains, Blinds & Accessories)

 Here are some helpful resources to help get you through this eBay mandate and beyond.


It can be a daunting task when faced with a new eBay mandate, especially if you have hundreds, or even thousands of listings that need updated. However, there are ways to make the mandate process as painless as possible with the right tools and resources.

Aspect finder+ is a tool that identifies missing item specifics, processes any category and helps you meet eBay standards in categories where item specifics are mandated. Use this tool to scan your listings to find missing item specifics.

You can also use the Bulk Updates feature to update as many of your listings in a single upload. As well as Bulk Update, you can also use the Filter Builder Feature to filter your listings, showing just the ones that are being affected by the mandate – making sure those are completed first before the deadline.

Since this latest eBay mandate has item specific changes required in the category of Parts & Accessories, another helpful tool to use is the Parts Compatibility Finder. This tool provides vehicle parts compatibility for both cars and motorcycles, so not only can you make sure you have your compatibility sorted, you can also keep track of your sales performance and identify other areas to improve your listings.


New year, new you! One way to start off the new year right is to be organised. eBay sellers have a lot to juggle – from stock inventory and shipments, to the all-important Peak Trade dates and season and eBay mandates.

We’ve got you covered. Our new OptiCalendar is designed with eBay sellers in mind. The OptiCalendar highlights all the tools you should be running as an OptiTask in a calendar format so you can easily add in your own work goals and manage your workload all in one place. It also provides seller tips and important eBay reminders, such as mandates, to keep you on track and ahead of the rest.

Discover the benefits of the OptiCalendar and download your free copy today.


Don’t take our word for it, take it from the e-commerce experts. Here are some videos to help guide and motivate you through eBay’s February 2022 mandate.


Marketing Executive, Darrah Gallacher, shares her top tip for sellers during mandate season in the recent Vlogmas 2022 series.


Customer Success Specialist, Chris Cook, answers the most frequently asked questions regarding eBay mandates. Please note: This video makes reference to a previous eBay mandate relevant at time of creation. For the latest updates in mandate changes, follow our blog.


Don’t be put off by ever-looming eBay mandates. Let Optiseller be your co-pilot through your seller journey and together, we can help you to sell more and stress less.

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