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The Optiseller Podcast: Chris Cook

By Darrah Gallacher   
November 02, 2022

In episode 11 of The Optiseller Podcast, Darrah chats to Chris Cook, Senior Marketplace Growth Specialist here at Optiseller. Chris has over 13 years of marketplace experience after starting his own marketplace business during his final year at University. Chris then went on to work and consult for a range of businesses and organisations to help to sell on marketplaces before bringing his expertise to Optiseller two and a half years ago. 

In this episode, Darrah quizzes him about his early days in e-commerce, Optiseller’s Scaling Programme, how to get your store in top shape for Peak Trade Season and making the most of eBay’s Promoted Listings.  

As you’ll hear in the interview, data optimisation is the back bone of listing success on eBay, and Chris breaks this down and explains why that is. Chris even shares his predictions for the top sellers this Black Friday. We can’t wait to find out if his predictions come true!  

Plus, listen to find out what Chris’ main priority would be to get sorted before peak trade kicks off, it may (or may not) surprise you! 

Here’s a sneak preview:  

Interested? Listen to the full episode on your preferred platform. 


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