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What's new in Optiseller - March 2024

Find out about our latest product changes and when features come out.

Understanding OptiRating

OptiRating offers a health check for eBay listings. It scores listings out of 10, providing sellers with an easy-to-understand rating that reflects the quality and performance potential of their listings. The score is based on various factors, including image count, title optimisation, item specifics, and price recommendations. This system helps sellers identify underperforming listings and suggests improvements to enhance visibility and sales.

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Understanding OptiRating
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Optiseller Lite
Optiseller Lite is better than ever and still completely free!

Optiseller Lite has been enhanced and remains absolutely free of charge!

Say goodbye to guessing! Aspect/Keyword suggestions now display confidence indicators to help you decide on which items to apply (or not) for each item-specific suggestion.

We’ve also extended support for the tool to international eBay sites including US, DE and AU. Unlock millions of potential buyers with the right keywords and data for your eBay listings for free!

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Parts & Accessories
Calling all Parts & Accessories Sellers!

At Optiseller, we have a suit of tools that are proven to increase sales for P&A sellers.

  • Parts Compatibility Finder: Helps sellers ensure their listings include accurate compatibility and item specifics data, making it easier for buyers to find products and purchase with confidence
  • Product Suggester: Provides top ranked listing data including title, keywords, pricing, category and compatibility
  • Aspect Finder+: Ensure the right keywords are applied to all of your listings to drive visibility and sales
  • And more! Duplicate Listings Tool, GTIN reporting, Category lookup tool
Parts Compatibility Finder
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