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eBay Category Lookup

The first step of any eBay seller starts with market research.

Put your store on the right path by checking your category, exploring secondary categories and much more.

Discover other tools within market research to help guide you through your eBay seller journey.

What is eBay Category Lookup?

The eBay Category Lookup tool is like the Yellow Pages of eBay categories. With the eBay Category Lookup tool you can search for secondary categories, see item specifics needed per category together with buyer demand data.

With this tool you can:

Search for key category information

See required item specifics per category

Discover buyer demand data

How can eBay Category Lookup help me?

Sellers with a wide array of stock can find checking the ‘Required Item Specifics’ a time consuming and tricky task. The eBay Category Look Up Tool presents a straightforward method to navigate to any sub-category and create a downloadable file containing the required specifics for that sub-category with a complete dataset of all options available within each specific.

The eBay Category Look Up Tool keeps up to date with eBay’s ever expanding ‘Required Item Specifics’ and provides an easily accessible method to ensure that your listings are meeting those requirements. This will help you improve your listings’ search ranking and sales’ conversions.


What is Buyer Demand?

Buyer demand data shows the item specifics that buyers are using to search for products. The Buyer Demand star indicator relates to the number of eBay customers searching and filtering using a particular item specific or aspect.

A 5-star rating means that the item specific is highly used by buyers to filter search results. The star indicator is based on previous buyer demand over a 30 day period.


This will help you focus where to prioritise your effort when it comes to optimising your eBay listing data through item specifics.


When should I use the eBay Category Lookup?

During store setup or when new lines of stock are added

eBay mandate releases

Audit on a quarterly basis

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