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Get out of below standard status and shred your eBay seller fees

Strengthen your seller status and guard that all important bottom line

There is a lot of talk right now in other eBay marketplaces about the increase of Below Standard Fees. For example, eBay UK is increasing their fee for Below Standard sellers from 4% to 6% on 2nd March 2023.

The good news is, there’s no news, as of yet, for eBay Australia. The bad news? Fees for Below Standard sellers (AUS) is already at 5.5% which is an important note to consider when selling on eBay.

Let’s take a look at what it means to be below standard, review a real seller case and discover how you could potentially shred over $36k in seller fees.

Below Standard Seller Status in a nutshell

All sellers are required to maintain the following minimum performance standard for their listings on eBay Australia within each evaluation period (evaluations take place by eBay on the 20th of each month):

  1. Cases closed without seller resolution: No more than 2 (or 0.3% of transactions)
  2. Transaction defect rate: No more than 2% of transactions


Potential impacts falling below standard can include:

  • Your items may rank lower in search results
  • Limit or restrict listing creation
  • Funds may be held in your account
  • Blocked from using promoted listings
  • Higher final value fees for Below Standard Sellers
Crunching the Numbers

Optiseller recently worked with a large UK seller who had fallen into Below Standard status. They were paying an additional 4% Below Standard Fee (BSF) of £12,000 ($20,924 AUD) per month.

The seller took part in Optiseller's Scaling Programme and by the end of month one they were ready to be evaluated by eBay as Above Standard*.

Bottom Line

Don't wait to take action. Let's have a chat and a virtual cuppa to look at your eBay store performance so you can strengthen your seller status and guard that all important bottom line.

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*While we do not have the power to green list sellers out of ‘Below Standard’, we can however help the seller get back on track, and get a plan of action together to fix things.

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