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Get ready to boost your sales for Halloween

By Pablo Gillespie   
October 30, 2023

Peak Season for Fancy Dress Sellers

With Halloween season around the corner, this is peak season for many fancy dress & accessories sellers on eBay. Now is the time to prepare to boost sales and get ahead of the competition, and Optiseller can show you how!

According to eBay's website, there are over 130M active buyers, and thousands of active listings for fancy dress costumes and accessories on eBay UK alone. (source: statista)

One of the main drivers for sales on eBay is Item Specifics (data keywords). These have a huge impact on the visibility & reach of your products, both to buyers on eBay and organic searches via search engines. Some sellers have seen overnight increases by factors of 9 by applying the correct data to sell their products (source: eBay).

Using the Optiseller Category Lookup Tool, and looking at Women's Fancy Dress as an example, we can see the importance of specific keywords in the category.

Category Lookup Tool Image


Theme & Style are the most important Item Specifics for this category, and combined, they extend the visibility & reach of products to almost 100,000 additional searches in a given 30 day period. If you do not have these data points structured in your listing, you are missing out on a huge portion of the potential market for your products.

Theme includes keywords such as "Mexican", "Devil", "Spiderman", "Skeleton" etc, and the likelihood is that you already have this data available – but unless it is structured correctly you will miss out.

eBay fancy dress costumes image

Use Optiseller to optimise your eBay listings to sell more Fancy Dress, Accessories and Decorations today!

The Category Lookup Tool & Aspect Finder+ tool will help you to understand what's important, make suggestions for improvements, and also allow you to apply the corrections all in one place. This is part of our standard SaaS plans – Get Started with Optiseller now!

Alternatively, our "data as a service" offering is a managed service where our team of experts can take care of this for you with minimal effort. If you are interested in this service, please get in touch.


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