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How Important is Data in eCommerce?

By Pablo Gillespie   
April 30, 2024

The answer is, very important!

Data is crucial in the world of eCommerce. Having the correct data points, structured in the right way drives increased visibility and sales of your products. In this article, we explore some of the key concepts and how Optiseller can help you to increase your sales online.

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Key Components of Product Data:

  • Product Category and Subcategory: Organizes products logically, allowing buyers to find your products more easily
  • Product Name: Clearly identifies the item and includes any important keywords such as Brand, Style, etc
  • Specifications/Item Specifics/Attributes: Important features and technical details
  • Images and Media: Visual representations of the product
  • Product Description: Provides additional context and details
  • Price: Essential for buyers’ decision-making
  • Availability: Indicates whether the product is in stock
  • SKU (Stock Keeping Unit): Unique identifier for inventory management
  • Warranty and Returns Information: Builds trust
  • Product Variations: Different options (sizes, colours, etc)

Accurate, complete product data is important to promote:

  • Visibility: Well-structured data allows for creating new categories or groups of products, enhancing visibility online
  • Organization: Neat and clear data helps businesses organise products effectively
  • Trust: Complete, correct, and easy-to-understand product information builds trust with consumers


Our experience has shown that the earlier you optimise your data the better, ideally prior to launching your product listings, as this will bring sales and growth more quickly than if you do not optimise (if you see any sales at all – especially in competitive verticals).

Optiseller can help you organise and optimise your data prior to launch via our Data as a Service offering, which is a blend of consultancy and guidance on how to use our product suite.

However, if you already have launched products online and are not seeing the sales performance that you hoped for, we can still help. Our consultants and tools can also provide guidance and data optimization suggestions for products that are already listed.

Below we break down some of the key data points and how we can help for each.


Categorization – crucial for visibility and sales

Categorization of products may appear trivial, but it is essential to get this right for your products. Not only does it ensure that your products are shown in the most relevant context, but it also drives the structure and the keywords that allow buyers to locate your products when searching.

Doing this at scale can be time consuming and challenging, but Optiseller can help with that. As part of our "Data as a Service" offering we can ensure that all of your products are categorized correctly and in the most optimal verticals to drive visibility and sales.

If you prefer to do this yourself, we also offer self-service tools to help with this – Check out our Essential Plan and the Category Lookup and Category Suggester tools.


"Optiseller provided the support and tools to assist us to easily update these on the platform. These optimisations provided a strong base for our products to be as visible as possible organically. We had noticed an increase in visibility and sales from the above optimisations and cannot thank Optiseller enough for their support." BOSCH


Specifications/Item Specifics/Attributes – crucial for visibility and sales

Specifications (also known as Item Specifics, attributes, or keywords) provide important attributes of the product you are selling, such as brand, size, type, colour, style and other relevant data. These are crucial to visibility and sales online and will ensure your products are easily found by buyers and allow them to purchase with confidence.

At Optiseller, we’ve found that completing just 2 or 3 additional keywords can have a transformational effect on sales.


"The Scaling programme has been fantastic, I’ve learnt so much and it has really opened my eyes to a side of eBay that I didn’t know. Optiseller have been extremely helpful, and their tools are so easy to understand, it’s been a great time saver specifically when working on our item specifics and titles. It has helped us in search and our products are performing much better organically." Emily Hardy, Shark


Product Name/Title – crucial for visibility and sales

Product titles play a crucial role in search engine optimisation (SEO) as they are one of the first things that users see when searching for products online. A well-crafted product title not only helps users understand what the product is about but also improves its visibility in search engine results pages.

At Optiseller, we can optimise product titles at scale for you as part of our "Data As A Service" offering, and we also offer several tools to assist with this:

  • Essential Plan – this includes the aspect finder tool that helps you optimise the Item Specifics, and the Titles on your products.
  • Optiseller Lite – our free chrome plugin supports listing optimisation within eBay's seller hub environment.


Images – crucial for sales & conversion

When listing products online, images play a key role in helping your buyers validate the product and are crucial for aiding conversion from a potential buyer to a committed sale!

eBay require at least one image when listing your products, but at Optiseller we recommend that you add at least 5, and ideally up to 12 if possible. eBay have some useful guidance on imagery.


We hope you found this blog useful, if you want to read more in depth analysis: Read our white paper.



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