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What's new in Optiseller - Oct 2023

Find out about our latest product changes and when features come out.

OptiRating spreads through Optiseller.

OptiRating is now available within Aspect Finder +.  OptiRating scores your eBay listings based on several factors including Listing Visibility, Shipping, Pricing, Category and Images. The higher your OptiRating score, the better your listing is optimised to perform well on eBay.

OptiRating within Aspect Finder+ means you can easily identify which of your listings need attention and get guidance on how to improve them with a score out of 10.

By following the recommendations in Aspect Finder+, you can improve your listing optimisation and increase your chances of making sales on eBay.

From 9th November, check out OptiRating in Aspect Finder+ and start improving your listing optimisation today.

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Aspect Finder+
AI Title Generator in Aspect Finder+.

Aspect Finder+ tool now includes an AI-driven title generator. This tool will help you create optimized eBay titles using the data already found in your listing, including existing titles, item specifics, and in some cases descriptions.

To use the AI title generator, simply go to the Aspect Finder+ tool and click on the "Suggest Title" button. The tool will then generate a title for you to review and amend (marked 'AI-Title'). Once you're happy with the title, you can click the "Send to eBay" button and Aspect Finder+ will update the listing for you.

The titles that are generated are keyword heavy and this will increase visibility in search, get your listing in front of more sellers and reduce time spent updating listings.

AI Title Generator in Aspect Finder+ Video

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AI-Driven Title Generator
Optiseller AI-driven Title Generator Tool Gets Even Better!

We have significant improvements to our multi-channel AI-driven title generator tool, which is available in the Pro Trader Lite plug in or in Aspect Finder +. This tool helps you to generate accurate, relevant, and SEO-friendly titles for your products on multiple channels.

New features and improvements:

  • More accurate and relevant titles: Our AI algorithm has been improved to generate more accurate and relevant titles for your products. This is especially important for multi-channel listings.
  • More robust checking: We have added some new checks to ensure that the titles generated are actually for the product you are trying to list.
  • SEO compliance checking: We check to make sure that each title returned is within the rules for each specific marketplace the title is requested for before we reveal the title to you.
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