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What's new in Optiseller - July 2023

Find out about our latest product changes and when features come out.

Multichannel Title Generator
Optiseller is now Multichannel!

We have recently upgraded our API endpoint that utilises AI to generate titles for eBay. It now also works for Google Shopping, Etsy, Amazon, and OnBuy. This means that you can now use our AI-driven API to create titles that are optimised for all of the major online marketplaces.

How the AI generator works

Benefit of the new API endpoint:

  • Increased visibility: Your products will be more likely to be seen and clicked on by shoppers if they have well-optimised titles
  • Increased sales: Optimised titles can lead to increased sales, as they help shoppers to find the products they are looking for
  • Save time: The Optiseller API can save you time by automating the process of generating titles.
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User Journey Project
Improved Onboarding and User Experience at Optiseller.

We've made some major improvements to the onboarding process and the general in-app user experience at Optiseller. These changes are designed to make it easier for new users to get started with our product and to help existing users get the most out of it.

Key changes we've made:

  • We've created a new, more streamlined onboarding experience that walks new users through the basics of Optiseller in a step-by-step fashion.
  • We've added more interactive elements to the onboarding process, such as videos and help articles, to help users learn more about Optiseller and how to use it.
  • We've also made a number of smaller changes to the user interface. By improving the typography and spacing we have made Optiseller more visually appealing. We are also making Optiseller easier to adopt by providing clearer guidance and walkthroughs.

We believe that these changes will make Optiseller more user-friendly and easier to use for everyone.

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Backup & Recover
Rest assured your data is safe with Optiseller.

All customers on our paid for plans benefit from weekly backups of their eBay store(s) data. This would allow recovery of listings data, helping to get back on track if anything happened such as data-loss or data-corruption. It would also allow the ability to revert back to a point in time.

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