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What's new in Optiseller - May 2023

Find out about our latest product changes and when features come out.

Pro Trader Lite
Improved Listing Wizard Accuracy in Pro Trader Lite with GTINs.

We've added the ability search by GTINs in the listing wizard in Pro Trader Lite. This is a major improvement that will make it easier, quicker and more accurate for you to create accurate and complete listings for your products, and drive more sales.

To use a GTIN in Pro Trader Lite, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open the listing wizard
  2. Click on the "GTIN" field found under the title editor in the first step
  3. Enter the GTIN for your product
  4. Pro Trader Lite will automatically start the search and return improved results.

What is a GTIN and what are the benefits of adding GTINs to your listings?

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Pro Trader Lite Last Sold Data & Quantity
Pro Trader Lite Update: Last Sold Date and Quantity Sold.

We've added two new features to the stale listing report in Pro Trader Lite: last sold date and quantity sold. These features are based on feedback from Pro Trader Lite users and will help you to better understand the performance of your stale listings and make informed decisions about how to improve & relist them.

Key features added:

We're always looking for ways to improve Pro Trader Lite, and we appreciate your feedback.

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