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Services Case Study

Increased listing views and sales on eBay.

The shoe seller is a leading online affordable shoe retailer in the UK. Established over 8 years ago in England, their mission is simple – to make women’s shoes affordable to everyone regardless of their budget.

The problem
The shoe seller participated in Optiseller’s three-month eBay scaling programme focused on growing its business in the marketplace and improving organic visibility.

The goal of the programme was to ensure that their products are optimised for success and get the most visibility and greatest chance of conversion. The seller had a series of meetings with Optiseller’s Growth Team which focused on eBay best practice.

The solution
The seller was really engaged throughout the course of the three-month scaling programme in improving the level of their eBay store.

Optiseller took the seller back to basics and focused on delivering consultative advice. The programme focused on categorisation mapping, item specifics, title structures and keywords, shipping, promotional activity, and eBay search. The aim was to significantly enhance their search visibility on the marketplace and off site, and improve the balance of organic/promoted activity.

The Results
After 3 months of participating, the seller saw:
  • 44% increase in completed item specifics, driving more visibility for their store

  • 77% upturn in listings offering free and express shipping

  • 75% increase in optimised listing title keywords, resulting in increased sales

    In terms of business performance, the results speak for themselves:
  • 16% improvement in order quantity sold YoY over the 3 month period

  • 23% growth in organic page views YoY


After eight years running my online business I thought I had a good understanding of listing optimisation but the Optiseller approach is very different to other programmes I have taken part in. Your Optiseller specialist will tailor the programme to your business and take the time to understand how your business works with new and fresh ideas about potential changes you can make to improve performance. I would highly recommend the Optiseller scaling programme to any business looking to grow and improve performance.

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