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Services Case Study

Electronic seller sees sales increase by 39% using Optiseller’s eBay Growth Programme.

A large computer components supplier who specialises in replacement parts for laptops, notebooks, and stock over 50,000 SKUs. Their aim is to provide customers with excellent goods and services, at competitive prices.
The problem
The seller participated in Optiseller’s three-month eBay growth programme focused on growing their business on the marketplace.

The goal of the programme was to ensure that their products are optimised for success and get the most visibility and greatest chance of conversion. The seller had a series of set calls with Optiseller’s Growth team which focused on eBay best practice.

The solution
The seller was engaged throughout the three months in improving the level of their eBay store.

Optiseller took the seller back to basics and focused on delivering consultative advice. The programme focused on categorisation education, item specifics, title structures, promotional activity, and eBay search. The aim was to significantly enhance their search visibility on the marketplace and off-site.

The Results
After 3 months of participating, the seller saw:
  • 117% increase in length and quality of titles.

  • Revamp of variation listings with new variation images added.

  • Strike through pricing added throughout.

  • Removal of all duplicate listings.

    In terms of business performance, the results were phenomenal:
  • 39% increase in GMV YoY, an increase of £104,000.

  • 58% increase in ASP YoY.


"Before the programme started, I had to let go of two members of my team due to a big drop in our eBay sales. As our sales continued to decline, I was debating whether to shut the business for good. I saw the programme as my last chance to improve eBay performance as we were losing money. We joined and covered lots of topics with Chris and within a short period, eBay listings that we spent time optimising I started to see sales come in for products that had not sold for up to 9 months. In the second half of the programme sales have hit the roof! The only regret I have is not getting in touch earlier, the money I paid for the programme is very well spent!"

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