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Car Mod Shop

Software Case Study

Optiseller's Item Specifics Tool Makes Managing 100,000 Listings a Breeze

Car Mod Shop specialises in car lighting, selling items such as Xenon kits, LED bulbs, replacement OEM headlights, taillights and indicators. The store also stocks a wide range of Aero Flat wipers, rear wipers, and parking sensor kits.

The problem
With over 100,000 listings on eBay and increased demand for its products, managing the online retail operation was becoming a challenge for the Car Mod Shop team.
  • The products were scattered across hundreds of categories, each with different Item Specifics, which needed to be completed to ensure visibility on the eBay marketplace.
  • The Item Specifics had to be reviewed regularly to keep up with eBay mandates, with the risk of being penalised if changes were not made as and when required.
  • There was no clear way for the Car Mod Shop team to prioritise the listings that needed attention, which prevented them from focusing on the most urgent changes.
The solution
After hearing about Optiseller through eBay, Car Mod Shop decided to try Aspect Finder+.

The team also worked with Optiseller’s Customer Success team and was given advice on eBay’s best practises for Item Specifics.

The Results
As a result of the project:
  • The tool carried out a comprehensive scan of all Car Mod Shop listings and identified the ones that were missing important Item Specifics.
  • Aspect Finder+ then updated the listing Item Specifics using already existing information found in the listing title or the description.
  • Car Mod Shop were able to download all the enriched data in a CSV file for faster completion of the required Item Specifics, making their listings more eBay search-friendly than ever before.

“Optiseller have been very helpful in optimising our eBay listings. The team is very knowledgeable and Aspect Finder+ has been very handy for us. It's easy to use and we can now export the data in file exchange format, edit in Excel in bulk and upload via eBay file exchange. It works a treat!”

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