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Curated Collectables

Software Case Study

Aspect Finder+ Delivers 13% Sales Boost Overnight to Underperforming eBay Listings

Curated Collectables, based in Virginia, USA, is an online business selling modern and vintage toys and collectables. The company trades directly, as well as through the Amazon and eBay marketplaces.

The problem
Curated Collectables had been trading on eBay for over 5 years..

With strong technical knowledge, they had automated many back-end processes, enabling them to work as efficiently as possible.

Whilst maintaining a strong level of business on eBay, they were faced with a few challenges, including:

The solution
Curated Collectables turned to Optiseller’s Aspect Finder+ tool and support from our Customer Success team.

They able to identify the missing Item Specific values and replace the non-standard values they had added to the listings with eBay-specific values.

The Results
As a result of the project, Curated Collectables now have:
  • 79% of listings optimised for high visibility on eBay searches and filters.
  • A process to quickly and efficiently populate or amend any Item Specifics.
  • The ability to update listings at a much faster rate than using eBay’s direct site.


I'm impressed with the fast results. I worked on the first batch of underperforming listings on a Thursday, and by Friday I had sold 13% of the items, some of which were more than a year old and never had a purchase. The only difference were the Item Specific updates made 24 hours earlier. This service is worth the money and then some!

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