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Got the Lot

Services Case Study

Multi-category eBay store increases sales by 65% in 3 months using Optiseller

Got the Lot is a one stop e-commerce shop operating in different marketplaces and selling a wide range of products across multiple categories, including home & garden, electronics and health & beauty.

The problem
Got the Lot (GTL) were thriving on Amazon but underperforming on eBay.

Keen to explore all opportunities to increase sales, GTL signed up to Optiseller’s scaling service for 3 months. Optiseller quickly identified several data quality issues that were damaging eBay sales.


The solution
GTL were very engaged and keen to improve their eBay store.

With the support from Optiseller’s team and tools, they focused on creating a solid foundation of quality listing data that they could then build upon through promotional activity.

Optiseller’s health check of GTL’s eBay store formed the backbone of the work, which also involved a great deal of education on the eBay marketplace.

The Results
After 3 months, GTL saw:
  • 94% increase in the number of completed item specifics
  • 45% rise in the number of images per listing, with image variations up by 23%
  • 100% of listings with the recommended minimum title length, 98% of them keyword optimised

In terms of business performance, the results were phenomenal:

  • 65% increase in total sales (GMV) after the initial 3 months, with units sold up by 38%
  • 102% rise in organic sales (71% of total sales), with no growth in returns rate figures
  • 46% growth in the number of Top 20 search slot impressions (“Best Match“ results)
  • 135% surge in the number of external site views, with page views on eBay up by 31%

Delighted with the outcome, GTL extended the scaling work for a further 3 months.


I’ve never been a fan of data, but when I saw small changes start to deliver results, I was hooked. The Optiseller team have transformed my mindset in selling on eBay, and virtually all our numbers and stats are on an upward trajectory. Now I know I’m using my time in the best way possible: with Optiseller, it doesn't matter what I work on, it always works!

- Paul Walsh, GTL

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