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Software Case Study

Optiseller's Tool Helps Make Underperforming Listings eBay Mandate Compliant

A testament to what can be achieved with a clear business vision, in the last decade, Laptronix has grown from an online store selling laptop batteries to a multi-brand business selling all kinds of household items.

The problem
In their 10 years in operation, Laptronix had expanded into new segments and managing all of their listings was becoming a challenge.
  • Many of the listings in their eBay store had been created years earlier, when Item Specifics weren’t required to the extent they are today.

  • Such listings, although performing well, were not fully optimised, nor compliant with eBay mandates.

  • The lack of compliance with eBay mandates had the potential to hurt both store and search visibility on the marketplace, as well as risking demotions.

The solution
Laptronix realised that updating the historical listings to comply with eBay’s mandates was a huge task.

It was also an expensive undertaking, as it would require the company to hire extra help. That’s when they first heard about Optiseller’s Aspect Finder+. As it turned out, it was the perfect tool for the job.

The Results
As a result of the project, Laptronix were able to:
  • Quickly populate over 700,000 required Item Specifics to comply with eBay mandates.
  • Export the data from their eBay store from Optiseller, making it possible to easily amend it before uploading it again.
  • Make bulk updates in the exported CSV data, such as adding the “black” colour to most laptop chargers sold.


Optiseller has made our day-to-day life as eBay sellers much easier. Some of the features of Aspect Finder+, such as the export function enabling bulk work, are very convenient. We have found the Optiseller team to be very responsive and helpful. All in all, what we thought would be a huge task has turned out to be quite easy!”

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