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WG Motorparts

Software Case Study

WG Motorparts Boost eBay Rankings and Sales of 200,000 Listings with Optiseller

WG Motorparts sell a wide range of aftermarket performance car parts and road tuning products for all makes and models of vehicles, and have over 3.2 million active listings across many eBay international sites.

The problem
WG Motorparts faced the challenge of managing a large volume of listings in the high-complexity Parts and Accessories category on eBay.
  • Many of their eBay listings lacked some required and numerous recommended Item Specifics, which hindered their visibility on eBay.

  • These listings were not fully optimised, and as a result were not getting as many hits as they would have liked.

  • The huge number of listings made manual management a non-starter; they needed a tool that could help them in bulk.

The solution
WG Motorparts signed up to the Optiseller platform and worked closely with the customer success team to get the most out of the eBay marketplace.

WG Motorparts gained useful insights thanks to the Dashboard and updated thousands of Item Specifics using Optiseller tools.

The Results
As a result of their work with Optiseller, WG Motorparts:
  • Improved over 200,000 listings by optimising their Item Specifics, enhancing their search ranking and boosting visibility and sales.

  • Set up a system to download, amend and enhance existing eBay data more efficiently, saving time and lessening workload.

  • Created a strategy to prioritise their workflow, with improvements to fitment data as the first port of call.


Our eBay listings with all the Item Specifics populated and multiple images added are ranking higher on eBay search, increasing views and improving conversion rate, and we expect this to snowball overtime. Optiseller has great customer support and very useful tools to cater even for the largest of sellers, and we would recommend it to all.

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