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Services Case Study

WORX grew sales by 15% after optimising their listings with Optiseller’s eBay Scaling Programme

WORX is a line of lawn & garden equipment and power tools with Powershare technology. This includes line trimmers, lawn mowers, chainsaws, leaf blowers, circular saws, drills, angle grinders, and much more. They sell both on their own site and on the eBay platform.

The Task
WORX participated in Optiseller’s three-month eBay scaling programme, focusing on growing their business on the marketplace in preparation for Q4 and going into 2023.

The goal of the programme was to ensure that their listings were optimised for success, in turn, maximising their visibility and conversion opportunities. WORX had a series of calls with Optiseller’s Growth team that focused on eBay best practice.


The solution
WORX worked with Optiseller’s Scaling Team and were engaged throughout the three months in improving the quality of their eBay store.

Optiseller took WORX back to basics and focused on delivering consultative advice. The programme focused on categorisation mapping, item specifics, title structures, promotional activity and eBay search rankings. The aim was to significantly enhance their search visibility on the marketplace and off-site.

The Results
After the 3 month programme, WORX saw brilliant results:
  • 15% growth in sales performance

  • 26% increase in item specifics, driving higher search visibility to listings

  • 8% increase in listing quality against eBay standards

  • 5% increase in listings with improved image count

“The scaling programme was really valuable to our eBay store, I learnt lots of things that I was previously unaware of. I now understand the importance of taking the time to create quality listings and how to enhance them. Our eBay store is now benefitting from improved categorisation of products, GTINs, and item specifics. I highly recommend the programme to sellers looking to scale up their eBay sales and maximise potential.

-Steve Darby, WORX

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