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5 top tips to future-proof your e-commerce strategy

By a contributor   
August 03, 2021

If you are a small businesses seller, you already know that nothing stays the same. It is easy to sit back if your listings are selling, but being able to adapt and change your strategy could ultimately boost and grow your eBay store in 2021 and beyond. 

Here at Optiseller we recently reached the milestone of having 50,000 users onboard, and we have been harnessing eBay data to optimise all aspects of the sales experience. In other words, we have the expertise to drive your eBay growth.

Here are our top tips to help you plan for the future:

  1. Make sure the basics are concrete. Can you improve your item descriptions? Are your products in the right category? Are you fully utilising your title lengths?
  2. Is your imagery right on listings? Does it meet the guidelines?  Are you using as many as possible?
  3. Optimise your item specifics – have you only completed required specifics? If so we would advise completing more to increase visibility and improve buyer experience. 
  4. Why not try some social media? Engage with seller groups on the likes of Facebook. 
  5. And remember - Optiseller can help you carry out that all-important ‘health check’ on your store to highlight any areas you need to look at!

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