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Marketing and Communications Coordinator

By a contributor   
April 21, 2021

Darrah, Marketing and Communications Coordinator


Hi everyone!

I am the Marketing and Communications Coordinator here at Optiseller. I started at Optiseller as an intern in March last year, just before lockdown. I was lucky enough to spend a couple of days in the office and meet some friendly faces. I started one day a week while completing my degree in Film & Media and Spanish. Last September I then got the opportunity to come on full time as the Marketing and comms assistant and was promoted to Marketing and Communications Coordinator in March of this year. I have to say I am loving the job and am so grateful for the opportunities I have here, and the increased responsibility lately has made me even more motivated to do well (and certainly keeps me busy).

Every day varies for me, but here is what I got up to today- working from home.

07:00 – I wake up, have a quick scroll on my phone, then go for a run. It is an effort some mornings, but I know I need to get moving as I will be sitting at my desk for the rest of the day!

08:00 – Dress for work (comfort is key when working from home) and pop on the radio or a podcast (today I opted for the latter).

09:00 - I am set up at my desk in my bedroom, and I sort out my tasks for the day and check for any urgent emails.

10:00 – I have my morning catch up with my boss and we ensure we are on track for the week ahead.

10:30- So, this week we are focussed on a big campaign, prepping emails, assets and landing pages. Making sure all of these are in place takes priority over the rest of my tasks, so I get started on that.

11:00- Was getting hungry so grabbed a bowl of cereal and continued with my work. I tend to have another check over my emails over breakfast then get back to the task at hand.

11:45- We have a blog post to go up that was drafted the day before, I put this onto the site, proofread and select an image. I then publish it onto the live site, before writing up some social media messages linking to our latest post.

12:30 – Task complete, time for coffee, then I get started on editing our latest video.  

14:00 – On my lunch break I take my dog, Tommy, for a short walk (he's a cockapoo). The fresh air is needed and sets me up for the rest of the afternoon.


14:20- I make myself a sandwich and head back to my desk.

14:30 – Now for a meeting to get the final touches sorted for the campaign to go live. Got some A/B testing so making sure these are looking the best they can.

15:00 – Back to editing!

16:15 – I send a version of the video away to be reviewed. While waiting for feedback I get through some less urgent, smaller tasks to make sure I get everything completed for the day.

16:45 – Once I receive feedback on the video, and everyone is happy with the content, I upload to YouTube. I plan the description and check the channel for any comments or other notifications as well as checking the rest of our social media platforms.


17:00 – 5 o’clock already! A busy day with everything urgent now complete. Signing off until tomorrow morning.

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