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eBay announces changes for Antiques & Collectables sellers

By a contributor   
June 02, 2021

First time for everything... 

Antiques and Collectables sellers will be affected by eBay’s latest mandates for the first time. eBay announced the changes on 12 May and the deadline for compliance is 12 July.  

This might seem like a chore, but as e-commerce experts, we can assure you it will bring many benefits to sellers and customers. Here’s why.   

Opinion from the expert 

Chris Cook, our customer success specialist explains: “Item specifics are the way detailed information about products on eBay is conveyed to customers. The key to successful selling on eBay is visibility. If customers can’t find your listings easily when they search you are likely to lose the sale to a competitor who has fine-tuned his item specifics better.”  

According to eBay, 55% of customers use filters to find the item they are looking for, and in some categories, it can be as high as 80%. And here’s the thing: the key mechanism behind the filters is the item specifics.  Just like in Google searches, the more information, detail and keywords you can provide the greater your chances of being found when a customer searches. 

Additional ways to improve store ranking 

Cook adds: “There are a large number of things a seller can do to make sure their store is optimised to maximise sales.  Factors like high quality images, delivery processes and returns policies all play a part in how well your store will perform.” 

But there’s more to optimised listings than that. He continues: “You also need to ensure you are complying with eBay’s policies when it comes to things such as duplicate listings if you want to stay high in the search rankings.” In other words, complying with the latest mandate is pretty crucial.  

Automate the process 

Making changes manually can be onerous, particularly if you have a large inventory.  Fortunately, we have a suite of tools which can automate many processes to make life easier for you sellers.  For example, the Optiseller platform can scan a store’s listings and find missing item specifics, duplicate listings, breaches of eBay policies and so forth.  Once issues are highlighted, we can provide tools to help solve the problem. 

Dive into the details 

For all you Antiques and Collectable sellers, we have produced a detailed guide which you can access here.

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