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eBay Category Changes October 2023-2024

By Pablo Gillespie   
October 05, 2023

Latest eBay category changes now moved to 2024: eBay have decided to move these category changes to early 2024. There’s nothing you need to do - just enjoy a successful holiday selling season. We shall make any updates or announcements we learn before the category changes take effect.

eBay have announced a significant update to the category structure from 24th October 2023. They state that "This is to provide a more intuitive buying, selling and search experience".

However, as a seller on eBay, this may affect your sales and fees in the affected categories.

The main categories affected are:

  • Car Tuning & Styling 
  • Car Trailers & Parts 
  • Garage Equipment & Tools 
  • Vehicle Paint & Supplies 
  • Vehicle Cleaning & Detailing 
  • Oils, Fluids, Lubricants & Sealers

If you sell in these categories, then Optiseller recommend that you understand the changes and ensure that you optimise your listings to drive sales. Sales on eBay are heavily influenced by the correct Item specifics and keywords in your listings - Read our help article

Optiseller’s category lookup tool helps you understand the importance of the keywords and item specifics in each category, and this will be updated with the latest changes as soon as eBay have released them on or around the 24th October.

For example, in Car Parts & Accessories > Calipers & Brackets, we can see that while Brand is the only required Item Specific, Piston Quality, Placement on vehicle and Type are also very important and can increase the visibility of your listings by almost 150,000 additional searches. Its really important that you populate these items if you list in these categories to maximise sales.

And by running the aspect finder, each listing is checked for the important item specifics and the ability to review our suggestions, make amends and either export or revise directly on eBay is possible.

This is the easiest and fastest way to keep on top of the eBay changes and ensure that your listings are optimal for sales.


eBay Category Changes October 2023 – Fitment

eBay are also disabling fitment on a series of categories, mainly under Vehicle Paint & Supplies (179421)

We always recommend that you check these listings to ensure they are optimised for sales. In this specific area, the keywords and item Specifics that make the difference are:

  • Primary Colour – the main colour of the paint is a key element buyers will use to search for
  • Brand – if the paint is branded, provide the brand as lots of buyers search for this
  • Paint Type – Base Coat, Clear Coat, Primer
  • Type – Rust Converter / Rust Remover

Driving sales using fitment and compatibility data is key for certain categories on eBay. We have a more in-depth explanation of this on our help library and an overview of how our platform can help.


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