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Imminent Changes for eBay Motor Parts & Accessories Sellers

By a contributor   
October 20, 2020

eBay have announced that it is making significant changes to naming conventions and tokens in the Master Vehicle List (MVL) at the end of October. The sellers affected will include those in the motor parts and accessories vertical. 

The changes in naming conventions aim to make it easier for potential buyers to discover the listings they are interested in. eBay also explained that the new conventions would bring the terms in usage on the platform in line with the norms widely used in the industry.

What the changes mean to eBay sellers

Sellers do not need to make any changes for existing listings, as eBay will migrate the old terms to the new ones automatically, starting on 21 October and for a period of 7 days. However, moving forward, sellers will need to use the new naming conventions when creating new listings or relisting.

eBay have also informed that it is also adding new options to the buyer and seller flows. In other words, sellers will be able to use more UK-localised terms in their listings, and hence be more easily findable by buyers.

Ensuring an easy transition

Although the changes will impact many listings, eBay has assured that sellers will experience a smooth transition to the new system. Optiseller has also announced that the users of their popular item specifics tool Aspect Finder+ will find that the tool handles the bulk of the work.


Our tip: Use our Aspect Finder+ Tool to help you carry out any eBay mandated changes quickly and easily.

Why complete Item Specifics?

  1. They help increase your sales.
  2. They boost your views/impressions of your listings.
  3. They help buyers ascertain what they are buying.
  4. They go hand in hand with eBay's search engine.
  5. They add more keywords to your listings.
  6. They make listings look much more professional.
  7. They can lower your returns rate.

80% of eBay customers are likely to filter item specifics in the women's fashion category."

"82% of eBay customers in the dresses category are likely to filter by colour. 43% of eBay customers are likely to filter by style. 35% of eBay customers are likely to filter by length."

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