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An introduction to eBay’s Promotions Manager

By a contributor   
July 22, 2021

eBay sellers, if you haven’t already, you should check out eBay’s Promotions Manager. The suite of tools is available to all eBay shop subscribers, meaning there is no additional cost to access this suite. The tools focus on eBay listing promotions, discounts and offers. Let’s take a look at the tools and see how and why you should be using them. 

The tools inside eBay’s Promotions Manager 

There are 4 tools in eBay’s Promotions Manager package, each looking at a different type of promotional activity or discount. They are: 

Order Discount: these are offers that can vary depending on the size of an order or the amount that a customer has spent on their order. This includes the classic BOGOF deals and buy one get the second for x% off. The discount you choose to offer is completely up to you! 

Multi-buy: in multi-buy promotions, you can offer different discounts for those who buy certain quantities of your products. It’s an ideal option for shifting stock you’ve had listed for long periods of time without a sale.  

Coupon: you also have the option to offer your potential buyers coupon codes for money off your listed products. You can really tailor the coupon to your needs, and even offer them under very specific circumstances.  

Sales + Markdown event: These are price reductions you can have on specific items or in categories you sell in. Markdown Manager has been merged into this tool, so it is still easily accessible to you. 

Although the names are similar, the Promotions Manager suite of tools is not to be confused with Promoted Listings, where you pay for more exposure on your item (also a very handy feature to bear in mind). The Promotions Manager is free to use with your store subscription. 

Why should you use eBay’s Promotions Manager? 

By using the various types of offers, you are able to bring a new lease of life to underperforming listings, attract new customers and essentially have a clear out of listings that have been sitting untouched. 

The different promotions can also boost the interest in your items. Multi-buy, in particular, is a very attractive offer that tends to drive a lot of traffic to your listing. These offers can help convert a browser to a buyer, as well as upselling products. 

By using these tools you are likely to see an increase in sales. In fact, multi-buy could help you get an uplift of as much as 23%. ( The coupons that eBay recently added bring a lot of selling power too. 

What you need to take into consideration 

The capabilities of the Promotions Manager suite of tools are very exciting. However, just because you can offer a promotion doesn’t mean that you should do it - or do it to the full extent. You need to consider what promotions suit your business needs.   

Also, think carefully about when you want to change the offer or price of your listings. As per eBay policy, “if you changed the price of an item as part of a sale, you'll need to wait 14 days before including it as part of a new sale.”   
We hope that you found this quick introduction to the tool useful and you feel ready to give your store the glow up it deserves.  

Eager to get started? You can access these tools from the seller hub. For additional advice on how to make the most of these tools contact 

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