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July 2022 eBay Mandate: Don’t put off updating your listings

By Laura Cassidy   
June 08, 2022



20th July 2022 is the deadline date to update any listing that will be affected by the latest eBay mandate. The latest mandate will see changes and new additions to item specifics in certain categories. If you sell in any of the following categories, don’t put off updating them:

  • Business & Industrial (Sinks)
  • Collectibles & Toys
  • Electronics (Cameras)
  • Health & Beauty (Covid tests)
  • Home & Garden
  • Parts & Accessories (Wheels & Tyres)
  • Sporting Goods (Golf & Cycling)
  • Jewellery & Watches

What are Item Specifics?

You’re a buyer looking for a swanky new phone and decide to have a look on eBay. You have a pretty good idea the type you’re after. So you start narrowing down your search to the desired brand, model, colour, price, and even storage capacity and preferred network. Well, these are item specifics. Filtered aspects of a product that a buyer searches for.

And these item specifics are not only required but are vital to your listing visibility. If you do not have your item specifics completely filled out, you’re hurting your ranking from the start and could see less traffic come your way.

What are eBay mandates and why are they so important?

eBay mandates occur a couple times a year depending on trends and changes in customers’ filtering habits for particular items. Searches are carefully monitored to determine the most used, thus most important, item specifics. By following this mandate and updating your item specifics where relevant, you will benefit from increased traffic to your listings.

If you disregard this mandate and do not make the necessary changes by 20th July, you will be unable to re-list any of your listings or create new ones without these required item specifics. You will also move further down in ranking as buyers narrow their search. Get ahead of the game by updating the required item specifics before the deadline and reap the benefits of a higher volume of traffic and increased conversion rate.

Breeze through mandates with Optiseller

The thought of going through and updating hundreds, or even thousands, of listings might seem like an unbearable task, but with Optiseller, we’ll guide you through it swiftly and smoothly with our array of tools.

Aspect Finder+ is one of our most popular tools. Use this to generate a detailed report highlighting which of your listings have Required, Required Soon, Recommended or Optional item specifics. You will also benefit from auto-populated item specifics that will ensure better coverage and higher traffic to your listings.

The best part about this tool is the Bulk Updates feature that allows you to update as many of your listings in a single upload. Smooth lining the process and saving you from what would have been a lengthy and timely task. Use the Filter Builder Feature to filter your listings, showing just the ones that are being affected by the mandate – making sure those are completed first before the deadline.

Dive deeper into other tools that can help you along your eBay journey and get you over mandate hurdles, including our Category Lookup Tool, Product Suggester and Category Suggester. Learn more about these in our Journey of an eBay Seller blog.

Don’t put off updating your listings for eBay mandates. Breeze through July’s mandate by using tools that do the work for you. Start your 7-day free trial with Optiseller today or get a taste of some of our tools with the completely free Taster Plan

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