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July 2022 eBay Mandate: Home & Garden Category Changes

By Laura Cassidy   
June 14, 2022

As we make our way through June, we get closer to the latest eBay Mandate.

By the 20th July 2022, all existing and new listings must be updated with the correct item specifics. There are a number of categories these effect. Over the coming  weeks, we’ll dive a bit deeper into these categories, providing additional information and advice on success with this mandate.

This week, we’ll look at what will be changing in the category of Home and Garden.

What are Item Specifics?

Item specifics are what smoothly guide the buyer through the purchase journey. They are the unique qualities of an item; for example, brand, colour, size, price, etc. By selecting item specifics, buyers can quickly and efficiently find exactly what they are looking for, providing a positive user experience from search to checkout. By populating item specifics, you’re not only helping buyers find exactly what they’re looking for, you’re also helping your listing SEO within eBay and search engines, such as Google.

What are eBay mandates and why are they so important?

eBay release new mandates a couple times a year in line with ongoing research into buyer search habits. Item specifics are then added or removed from certain categories and it is up to sellers to make these changes to their affected listings. It’s not particularly a time sellers look forward to, but once completed, can see a significant difference in traffic and conversion rates. Plus, you are affected negatively if you do not make the necessary changes by the deadline date, in this case, the 20th July. Re-listing products or creating new ones will be stopped until the required item specifics are updated in your account.


Now that we’ve established what item specifics are and why eBay mandate these changes, here are a few examples of affected categories in the home & garden vertical for the UK:

Category Product
Furniture Sofas, Armchairs & Couches  
Storage Solutions Umbrella Stands  
Wedding Supplies Tableware & Serveware  
Home Décor Mirrors  


Here is a full list of item specifics that may be required for UK listings:

  • Aspect Name
  • Brand
  • Colour
  • Compatible Brand
  • Compatible Mattress Size
  • Compatible Model
  • Extinguisher Type
  • Item Height
  • Item Length
  • Item Width
  • Material
  • Model
  • Product
  • Size
  • Type


Ease your way through mandates with Optiseller

We know it can be overwhelming to sift through hundreds (or thousands) of listings, making sure you’re updating the correct ones with the correct item specific. That’s why we have created tools to do the hard work for you.

Aspect Finder+ is one of our most popular tools. Use this to generate a detailed report highlighting which of your listings have Required, Required Soon, Recommended or Optional item specifics. You will also benefit from auto-populated item specifics that will ensure better coverage and higher traffic to your listings.



Use the Bulk Updates feature to update as many of your listings in a single upload – no more doing it one by one. Use the Filter Builder Feature to filter your listings, showing just the ones that are being affected by the mandate – making sure those are completed first before the deadline.


It’s time to put your feet up and let us do the hard work. Discover our full range of tools to help guide you through this next eBay mandate. Start your 7-day free trial with Optiseller today or get a taste of some of our tools with the completely free Taster Plan.

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