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Navigating through eBay mandates: February 2023 overview

By Laura Cassidy   
November 16, 2022

In the hustle and bustle of preparing for peak trade season, did you know that eBay have released their upcoming mandate? That’s right! New item specifics will be required by 22nd February 2023. The categories effected are:



Parts & Accessories
(Motorcycle, Scooter and UTV/ATV P&A)

Health & Beauty
(Beauty & Skincare, Food & Drinks,
Oils & Supplements)

Home, Furniture & DIY
(Candles & Home Fragrance, Home Décor,
Cushions, Curtains, Blinds & Accessories)


If you sell in any of these categories, it is important to update all your new and revised listings. Don’t wait until the last minute, start updating now to boost visibility and conversions, just in time for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the rest of peak trade season shopping.

Why are item specifics so important?

Item specifics are the driving force behind eBay’s “Best Match” search algorithm and what buyers use to narrow in on their product search. So, needless to say, eBay take these attributes very seriously. So much so, they specifically monitor trends and changes in customers’ filtering habits over time and determine the most used, thus most important, item specifics. Although it might seem like a nuisance when they come around, it helps sellers sell more in the long run.


What happens if I don’t update the item specifics?

If you decide to disregard making the mandated changes, you might start seeing your listings drop from rankings, which could ultimately drop your conversion and sales rate. Therefore, it’s a no-brainer to update your listings with eBay’s new item specifics requirements.

Is there an easy way to update all of my item specifics?

We thought you’d never ask! Optiseller’s tools are designed to help sellers navigate through the seller cycle. When it comes to eBay mandates, Aspect Finder+ is the tool to use. It scans your listings to identify any that are missing important item specifics. You might already have this information stored in other parts of your listings, such as item description. Aspect Finder+ will retrieve missing item specifics for you to save you time when updating your listings.

You can also use the Bulk Updates feature to update as many of your listings in a single upload – no more doing it one by one. This will be really useful if you sell lots of items in an effected mandate category! As well as Bulk Update, you can also use the Filter Builder Feature to filter your listings, showing just the ones that are being affected by the mandate – making sure those are completed first before the deadline.

Don’t be put off by ever-looming eBay mandates. Let Optiseller be your co-pilot through your seller journey and together, we can help you to sell more and stress less.

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