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New product release update: October 2021

By a contributor   
October 07, 2021

eBay express sign up

You will notice on our sign-up page, that you can create an account via the eBay sign up option. This allows you to integrate your eBay store from the get-go and kickstart your optimisation journey. With the store already integrated, you can get to work as soon as the sign in process is complete. Save yourself some time and use this express sign-up option!

Custom format export engine

We know this is highly sought after, so we are incredibly excited that 3rd party data export is part of the latest release. Currently this functionality covers the following 3rd party systems:

  • Linnworks
  • Channel Advisor
  • Omnivore

This is done through our ‘custom format export engine’ which enables our team to create an ‘export format' from ourDataour Data Optimisation & Aspect Finder tools. This added functionality will speed up the listing update process for sellers who use these formats. The reports are customisable to suit how you use and capture your data and will evolve as this functionality rolls out. To gain access to these custom export reports, get in touch at

Don’t worry, if you use a system that we haven’t listed but would like a customised format, please do get in touch too, we would be delighted to help you.

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