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Preparing for Peak Trade: Season Finale

By Darrah Gallacher   
November 23, 2022

Final Countdown 

Black Friday is just 2 days away. We hope you now feel ready to take on this weekend and smash your targets. Our Peak Trade series concludes today with an overview of what we have discussed so far to ease your ‘Peak Trade panic’. 



With the boost of traffic about to hit eBay, you’ll want to ensure you have put the work in place to find the products you most want to showcase. Whether your goal is to shift unsold stock or you’ve bought in trending items to attract a new audience, ensuring your stock levels are accurate is essential to customer satisfaction and retention. Consider if your warehouse is ready for the increased demand too!



There are so many elements to consider when optimising your store. From considering listing in a second category and making the most of your titles and descriptions, to populating your item specifics and taking a range of quality images, it all adds to the buyer experience. It not only increases your traffic but ultimately, your conversion rate will see the benefit too. This step will be just what your store needs with the extra eyes on your listings over the coming weeks. Find our SEO tips in our Peak Trade series SEO post.


eBay Advertising 

eBay Promoted Listings is a key aspect for this time of year. Understanding how to use eBay advertising to your advantage for Black Friday could help you gain visibility and rank above your competitors in search results. It is not a one size fits all offering, there are a range of options to choose from: Promoted Listings Standard, Promoted Listings Advanced and Promoted Listings Express. Make sure your listings are up to scratch to make the most of your ads and see the benefit! 




This step is more important this year than ever before. Due to the strikes that will impact sellers who ship through the Royal Mail, it is essential to consider if you have offered enough shipping options for buyers. If you have an international strategy, it may be worth your while to join the Global Shipping Programme too. 



As 32% of consumers plan to cut back this year, shoppers will be looking to find the best deals this Black Friday. From sending those viewers of your listing a private offer or giving shoppers the chance to give their best offer on your item, which you can choose to accept or decline, there are many ways to help your customers find the great deal they’re searching for this Peak Trade season. Full details in our Peak Trade Offers blog.

You’re ready! 

Now that you’re all caught up, you can get started and make any final changes to your store. There is still time to tweak your listings, and we have the tools to make it that bit easier! Sign up for the plan of your choice and get a 7 day free trial! 




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