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What's new in Optiseller - April 2024

Find out about our latest product changes and when features come out.

Optiseller Trial Period
Extended free trial period, now 14 days

You asked for more time during the free trial to choose a plan... and we have listened.

You gave us some valuable feedback about our trial period. That 7 days just wasn't enough time for you to try out all the tools that Optiseller have available. So we have extended the free trial period from 7 days to 14 days, to give you more time to choose the right plan for your business.

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Extended free trial period, now 17 days
Image of DaaS
Data as a Service
We optimise your data so you get better eBay results

Let Optiseller do all the heavy lifting for you and in return you get a ready-made SEO file optimised for eBay, alternately you can go self-serve and use our tools to do it yourself.

Correct data management on eBay is the single biggest factor in determining your success as a seller. Our data services enable eBay sellers to maximise their revenue quickly. Don't let your competitors leave you behind.

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Parts & Accessories Fitment
Calling all Parts & Accessories Sellers!

Our Parts Compatibility Finder and Aspect Finder+ tools can really help you achieve a better conversion rate. We make it simple to state which vehicles your parts are compatible with, and for buyers to find the right parts for their vehicles.

"In the first two months of using the tool we noticed that around 100 listings we optimised sold more in 8 weeks than in the 12 previous months." DIY Car Service Parts

Parts Compatibility Finder
Image of Parts & Accessories
Image of important data
Blog Article
How Important is Data in eCommerce?

The answer is, very important! Data is crucial in the world of eCommerce. Having the correct data points, structured in the right way drives increased visibility and sales of your products.

In this article, we explore some of the key concepts and how Optiseller can help you to increase your sales online.

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