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eBay Duplicate
Listings Tool

Keep up to date on crucial seller regulations.

Stay compliant with eBay regulations by identifying your duplicate listings.

Discover other tools within compliance to help guide you through your eBay seller journey.

What is the eBay Duplicate Listings Tool?

Identifies duplicate listings & ensures that sellers can keep the ones with the best sales history, protecting search rankings & sales. conversions.

Review your duplicate listings

Monitor KPIs over time

Keep compliant with eBay regulations

Why should I check for duplicate listings?

Having duplicate listings is against eBay policy and can cause a loss of visibility or even eBay removing the duplicate listings.


How will this tool help me?

You can check for duplicate listings by running the Optiseller Duplicate Listings report. With our Duplicate Listings Tool you can review your listings based on values such as EAN, brand, SKU etc. and then download a list of your duplicates you need to act on. You’ll be able to quickly identify which ones to keep, and which to remove.

How often should I use the eBay Duplicate Listings Tool?


Monthly - Quarterly

After uploading a large
amount of new stock

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