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eBay Single
Listing Review

Optimise your on and off site eBay SEO

Boost your sales by discovering single listing insights.

Discover other tools within optimisation to help guide you through your eBay seller journey.

What is the eBay Single Listing Review?

The eBay Single Listing Review gives insight at an individual listing level, showing areas where the listing could be improved upon based on Listing Visibility, Listing Quality, Shipping and Availability.

Focus in on one listing

Discover insights to improve visibility

Identify recommendations & KPIs

How can the eBay Single Listing Review help me?

The tool identifies recommendations and KPIs for improving visibility and increasing your listing SEO. The tool also complements our Store Performance Dashboard tool, which offers similar review capability for your entire store, and allows drilldown to the single listing tool.


When should I use the eBay Single Listing Review?

Weekly - Monthly
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Essential and Ultimate plan customers also have access to regular in-depth strategic reviews of their eBay stores, as well as their Optiseller account performance, with custom guidance provided by our e-commerce experts.

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