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Free Shipping Day Statistics

By Laura Cassidy   
December 14, 2022

National Free Shipping Day started in 2008 by Luke Knowles to help boost online sales during the Christmas period and provide consumers with free shipping. The day became so popular amongst shoppers, it surpassed Black Friday sales in 2010. Thousands of online retailers take part in the day to offer (no) minimum order free shipping and guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve.

In celebration of Free Shipping Day, we're delivering you fast facts on eBay shipping data.



Let's take a closer look at shipping data from sellers in the top 5 marketplaces* on eBay and worldwide.

Well, you'll be surprised to know that worldwide, 92% of eBay listings have free shipping for consumers. Below is a breakdown of the top 5 marketplaces:

United States 93%     United Kingdom 82%     Germany 93%     Australia 86%     Italy 89%

Going one step further, 35% of eBay listings worldwide offer fast & free shipping. Below is a breakdown of the top 5 marketplaces:

United States 35%     United Kingdom 36%     Germany 24%     Australia 27%     Italy 16%

Of course, not all listings on eBay are offering free or fast and free shipping, but some do offer a discount. According to our data, just 11% of all eBay listings worldwide offer shipping discounts to their shoppers. Checkout the breakdown of the top 5 marketplaces:

United States 14%     United Kingdom 7%     Germany 15%     Australia 15%     Italy 21%


If we're just talking express shipping, data shows that overall 58% of eBay listings have express shipping, giving consumers peace of mind their items will get to them quickly. Below is a breakdown of the top 5 marketplaces:

United States 52%     United Kingdom 54%     Germany413%     Australia 59%     Italy 29%


If you're looking for listings that offer all shipping options, you'll only find 34% of eBay listings worldwide who do this. Below is a breakdown of the top 5 marketplaces:

United States 34%     United Kingdom 36%     Germany 24%     Australia 25%     Italy 16%

Phew that's a lot of data! It's interesting to see how much shipping plays a part in the eBay market and what sellers might find more beneficial to offer to customers. For example, from the data above, you'll find less sellers offer discounted shipping than completely free shipping. Allowing this might seem like a hit on your profits, but with free shipping being more appealing to consumers, there's a good chance you might see more conversions for your listings and ultimately more money in your pocket.

Something to think about. Happy Free Shipping Day!

*excluding China data

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