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eBay Data Optimisation Platform

Supercharged data to power your eBay Listings

We will guide you through the data optimisation process in 3 easy steps.

Start your eBay journey in the best possible way with the eBay Data Optimisation
Platform. This step-by-step onboarding tool automates the process of optimising your
listing data.

Step 1: Setup your data for success
Data is the key to success on eBay. The Data Optimisation Platform will guide you in getting your data ready. We’ll walk you through what we need to start the process.

This will identify the key focus points that will ultimately drive better product impressions, visibility, and conversion.

  • Transform product data in .csv or .txt format to eBay listing data.
  • Upload additional product data to enrich item specifics during the process.
Step 2: Categorise and super charge your listings
Our platform takes the pain out of data optimisation. Once you categorise and upload your data, you can grab a coffee while the tool does the data crunching.

Category recommendations are based on confidence levels. High confidence suggestions are automatically assigned, lower confidence suggestions are suggested without application.

Load in your variants and use our optimiser tool to lock in the best item specifics for your listing variations, not just the aspect data.

Item Specifics
Data Optimisation leverages Aspect Finder+ functionality to find product data it can match to eBay Item Specifics

Step 3: Review and export to eBay
Your data will now be in the perfect format to export and upload to eBay - helping you make perfect listings to drive your sales from day one.
Choose which plan to partner with the eBay Data Optimisation Platform

Once you have created an account, or have one already, follow the below steps to add on the eBay Data Optimisation Platform

to your account

Go to Tools & Services

Scroll down to Add-ons

Click on eBay Data Optimisation Platform




Start your journey to optimised e-commerce success through the eBay Data Optimisation Platform.

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