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Prepping your store for spooktacular sales on eBay

By Laura Cassidy   
September 14, 2022

Autumn is just around the corner and you know what that means… cosy jumpers, pumpkin spiced everything and Halloween festivities. So, now is the perfect time to get your store ready for spooktacular sales on eBay this Halloween.

The pagan festival has undoubtedly grown in popularity in many countries over the decades. From trick-or-treating, to pumpkin picking and parties, retail expenditure continues to rise. In the UK alone, it is expected that consumer spending will reach £687 million this year, that’s double the amount spent in 2013 (source).


How much UK consumers spend on Halloween each year (in millions)


So with just over 6 weeks to go, eBay sellers should start considering important preparations to ensure they receive high buyer traffic to their listings and increased conversion rates.

Do your research

Before anything else, do some research on what will be trending this Halloween – especially in terms of costumes. What pop culture and 2022 events will have influence on buyer’s decision in fancy dress wear?


Top 4 related queries to Halloween costume searches on Google include the keyword “Squid Game.”


Also, look into top selling Halloween indoor and outdoor decorations, lighting and party supplies. Making sure you have the right products will push your sales during the Halloween season and make your store the go-to for ghostly grabs.

Prepping your stock

Once you’ve chosen what products you will be selling, start prepping your stock. Think about not only the volume to have on hand, but if different variations of the product is necessary, also bearing in mind that some customers like buying in bulk – so make sure you have enough packaging in various sizes to accommodate all. Also, ensure you have enough resource to handle the increased volume in orders.

Prepping your listings

Your listing SEO is crucial to getting high volume traffic and conversion rates. The first step is making sure you’re listing  products in the right category – it may seem silly, but it’s amazing how easy it is to choose the wrong category. For example, if you are selling Halloween lights, you might think to put it under lighting, fairy lights or stringed lights categories. However, the top category for best SEO results is party decoration.



When it comes to creating your listings, make the most of your 80 character title. Use descriptive text, item specifics and any other keywords your buyer will search for in the marketplace. The quality of your images is equally important. Show your product in every angle and light so that buyers see exactly what it is they’re getting. The more images and quality shown, the more likely someone will feel confident in purchasing.



Think about your shipping options and what promotions you could offer to put your listings above the rest. Have a look at what your competitors are selling their similar Halloween items for to be competitively priced. You could also consider using Standard to expand your reach.

Start promoting your items now and make sure to utilise social media channels and email marketing in the weeks running up to Halloween.



The sooner you start preparing your store, stock and listings, the better chance of having higher traffic, more conversions and positive feedback. So clear out the cobwebs on your Halloween stock and take these preparation steps to help BOOst your sales on eBay this Halloween.

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