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Case study

Soaring eBay sales increase by £22k: an Optiseller Case Study

By Craig Stephen   
July 08, 2022

Affordable Golf Ltd is one of the UK's leading online golf retailers. Established over 20 years ago in Scotland, their mission is simple – to make golf affordable to everyone regardless of whether you are a beginner, amateur or professional.

The Problem

Affordable Golf participated in Optiseller’s three-month eBay scaling programme with a focus of growing business on eBay. The goal of the programme was to ensure that their products are optimised for success and get the most visibility and greatest chance of conversion.

The Solution

Affordable Golf were really engaged with the Optiseller Scaling team throughout the course of the three months in improving the level of their eBay store.

Optiseller's Scaling team took Affordable Golf back to basics and focused on delivering consultative advice. The programme focused on categorisation mapping, item specifics, title structures, GTINs, promotional activity, and eBay search. The aim was to significantly enhance their search visibility on the marketplace and off-site.

After 3 months of participating, Affordable Golf saw:

  33% increase in completed item specifics, driving more visibility for their listings
  29% increase in listing quality against eBay standards

And the business performance increase speaks volumes:

  6% increase in Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) which is worth £22k
  11% increase in orders YoY
  279% increase in Organic Impressions


"It was a pleasure for us to work with the Optiseller Service team that is always helpful and offer suggestions. Optiseller's Scaling Programme helped us to understand which areas to improve to get more visibility on eBay, and after 3 months we are more aware of what we are doing and we know what to pay the most attention to. The programme is a great solution for everyone who needs to improve their marketplace business performance. "

- Aleksandra Chomicz, eBay Manager, Affordable Golf


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